The boy problem

The conversations I hear…...alot……the last couple of days boils down to one question. “Why didn’t you have all these school shooters back in your day?”.

Pretty simple really, as all things are.

We didn’t stuff psych drugs into our little boys. Our teachers didn’t try and turn them into little girls. They let boys be boys.

It all started in the early 90s. It was a push by these little early 20 something female teachers coming out of places like Evergreen. They didn’t like dealing with “boys”. Too fidgety.

The parents were brought in and partnerships with local scam psychologists to get them on drugs. All psych drugs. Keeps them nice and calm, in a fog. Parents were pressured and the lure of free day care outweighed any actual concern. They all remembered school as a place you could trust as well. Now it is institutionalized.

Go to any grade school anywhere and watch the line of little boys form in front of the nurse office twice a day to get their pills. Funny how it is just the boys who need the psych drugs isn’t it?

And people wonder how some of them grow up to be school shooters. Ok, whatever helps you sleep at night.

Boys in school are looked at as toxic. From the moment they enter the system. If you think any teacher can be hired into today’s school systems that doesn’t check off the right social justice warrior boxes you are as dumb as the kid you are going to get at the end.

Sure there are good teachers that are older, administrators too. Most all of them are waiting out for their retirement. Being nice and quiet. Your school boards silent. And the parents……well, its all that free day care……don’t want to mess that up.

Boys are messy. They can’t sit still. They are hard to handle. Its the way they are, and an important step to turning them into men. You have a situation where nose ringed girls in their 20s have decided they need to be more like girls, and quite successfully are doing just that. Throw in puberty blockers (which Gov Jay Inslee and the teacher unions have set up that your boy can be given without you even being told), and its almost complete. Hell, Im sure they have vouchers to Ross to get them a nice little dress too.

I remember in the 60s having gun day at school. We would bring in guns to talk about them.

What changed? Come on……you know. You know.

Forget the loss of the father figure, forget the loss of God in their lives. Forget everything. They had that too back them.

What they didn’t have was a generation of zombied out boys coming off of ten years of psych drugs in their late teens and early 20s confused if they were a boy or a girl.

Not all will turn into school shooters, not all. But some will. Enough will. Most will turn out ok, some with various problems that are manageable.

You will be living with this for the rest of your lives. Unless, of course, you decide you have had enough. I don’t have any faith in you though. Its the free day care.

Am I rough on today’s public schools? You bet. They aren’t schools. You reading this are most likely too young to remember what public schools used to be. Its only been about 30 years this has been going on. It took about ten years for the problems to show up. The first batch of kids aging out of the schools. Columbine. Now it is constant. The pipeline delivering a fresh group every year.

The public schools aren’t there to educate your children. They aren’t there to mold good citizens. They aren’t there to provide any type of help to you at all. They exist now to create little justice warriors. Your boys taught how to apply eye liner. They are all taught now how toxic and oppressive they are, from 1st grade on. Those who resist…..well, they are the first to be put in the line. “Stick out your tongue…..that’s a good boy.”

Where are the school shooters coming from? You are making them.

Get your kids out of them now.