The coming food riots

Its sort of fun making predictions. Too many Public Policy Analysis classes in college.

Its not fun coming to conclusions. Not this one anyway.

Read that the price of an egg is probably going up to a buck apiece. That is 12$ a dozen for those of you with a public school education. A dozen means twelve. I should have clarified that, math being racist and not being taught and all.

What is a decent loaf of bread now? Wife making noise coming back from Thriftway that it is about 5$. Start doing the math and get ready to double it. Short term. Long term, higher.

We haven’t even started seeing the new diesel and fertilizer prices being put into the mix. That will hit this summer.

Farmers are leaving fields empty, animal producers are cutting back on livestock. Other nations stopping export of food entirely.

The raw cost to produce by the farmers is four fold. And Biden has only been in office for over a year. It is going to be brutal.

Add into the mix that hiring freezes are already starting to take hold. The next step if layoffs. Forget getting a little extra from your employer. There are going to be plenty of people willing to take your job for less. Millions pouring across the border. All willing to work for next to nothing and hungry.

I would imagine that by mid to late summer the reality is going to start hitting home. By then, the secondary bills, cable, phone, anything not deemed necessary will have been cut out and gas and groceries will be heading up up up.

The credit cards are maxed out oh…..I forgot, your electricity bill is about to double.

Riots are a funny thing. They take on a life of their own. It will most likely start on social media. A call for people to gather in front of this grocery store or that grocery store. The store will be swarmed. Then closed.

It will then move on to anyplace that sells food, drugs stores, little markets, restaurants etc. Followed rapidly by governments putting troops in front of distribution warehouses. There won’t be grocery stores anymore. Don’t forget about the semi trucks. That will turn into a dangerous occupation and the advertising on the outside will be painted over quickly.

Now don’t worry your little head. The government will make sure they deliver rationed food to your community. You will be able to go down to the truck with your ration card and get a box once a week. The hard part will be getting that box home and past the people down the street with guns waiting for you to take your box home.

It will move onto places that don’t even sell food. People will have a real taste for it by then. I would imagine it spreading to places like Best Buy, the entire mall. It will become so dangerous to work in retail that employees won’t come into work. It won’t make much difference though as the stores will have been looted anyway.

About then….the guns will come out. If the government hasn’t hit the kill switch on the internet by then, things will break down to the local level and people will come to understand what the word militia truly means.

Law enforcement? Those guys have family. They will be standing on their own front porch with a shotgun.

There isn’t enough military in the state to secure half of Seattle let alone the rest of the state.

Don’t think it can happen? Well aren’t you a precious little thing.

Things happen slowly, then all at once. We are in the slow period. The breakdown in law and order has already begun. There basically isn’t any. All it is going to take is a spark.

You all best be getting on down to the Farm store and picking up some chickens while they still got them.