the Amazing Colossal Shrinking Seattle Police Department

Just how bad is it in Seattle? Real bad. Real real bad.

The Seattle Times is reporting that sexual assaults are basically just not even being investigated anymore.

Imagine you are oh, say you and your daughters are horribly beaten, robbed and gang raped in your home. The police won’t be looking into it. If it was someone you know, they can even do it again. There won’t be any police coming or any arrests made. It isn’t that the police don’t want to. There are good people there. The problem is there isn’t anyone to investigate them. The department is down to four people. Figure one always out on vacation, or sick. Another that just does paperwork. Someone has to be in the office and take calls. In and out of court, and you pretty much have absolutely no one to actually go out and follow up on a sexual assault.

Let that sink in for a moment. Not one.

Now we are just talking about sexual assault here today. If the Seattle Police won’t get involved in something that horrific, just how much attention do you think they are going to pay to you being robbed? Your car stolen? Your house broken into?

Child sexual assault is the canary in the coal mine. When there aren’t even enough police to investigate child abuse…… is all over. There isn’t anyone home. It is open season on abusing children in the city of Seattle. And don’t think the word isn’t out.

It gets worse. Over 200 more officers have put in their papers and are beating feet out of that cesspool. Cities in other states are picking them off by the dozens. You can’t blame them.

200 in addition to the ones that have left already.

There is no one minding the store. It used to be “when seconds count, the police are only minutes away.” Make that …..they aint coming now.

The odds of you getting a police officer to show up when needed in the city of Seattle is approaching the non existent phase in the Emerald City.

The entire place is a no go area. Businesses are leaving in droves, tourists are nowhere to be found. It is unsafe to enter the city. If you go visit, you will have your car broken into. If you take public transportation, you are taking your life in your hands. The city is filthy and an open air drug market.

It is sad. I think all of us really enjoyed going up there. Taking visiting relatives and the such. It was a beautiful city. It is nothing but a memory now. Your children will never know.

In the few days this posting was in my draft box, my own property here in Montesano went up another 4k. Its just constant. All of us are seeing about a quarter of a million in increased value to our homes as Seattle descends. It is going higher.

As the people flee, they move into the suburbs, driving people south. Now Olympia is overvalued……and they are heading west into Grays Harbor trying to find something they can afford.

It is bad for the people of Seattle, and very good for us. So on a personal selfish level, I sort of hope it just goes mad max up there. I can see about another 100k to our homes here in Montesano before the musical chairs music stops.

We will have to sell out and go to a state that isn’t bat shit crazy to take advantage of it. We will miss the trees and stuff, but take solace riding around in our boats, new cars, and bigger houses with no debt and a comfortable retirement.

So there’s that anyway.