Seattle journalists lift the skirt of what is really going on

I spend more time lately talking about Seattle than I would like. The truth is, it affects us here in little Montesano. The worse it gets there, the higher our home values go up. Another 3 plus percent here in town in the last thirty days. And that is with the higher mortgage rates. Seattle crime has made each and every homeowner here another $10-50K in the last month alone. Renters? Get ready for higher rents, its the cost of voting Democrat.

Now, what is going on up there. No, really.

Local media has done everything they can to cover up the extent of the crime…..cough cough KOMO, KIRO, Seattle Times ETC……but it is so bad now that even they are starting to crack.

Jonathan Choe, a local freelance journalist has been posting lately, and whoa……its worse than we thought. Ill link to a couple below:

For those of you too lazy to read, let me hit the highlight. These “homeless” camps are nothing more than giant chop shops. Missing a car? Keep in mind this is just one series of pics. There is a lot more.

The police know what is going on. However, that brings up another subject. Don’t expect Seattle PD to be doing anything about the organized car theft and chop shops. THE NEW KING COUNTY Sheriff is a political appointee with no law enforcement background. At least we know what is behind the car jacking rise. A real growth industry in Seattle! And brother is it organized.

Next on the Seattle crazy block is something so totally bizarre it is beyond words.

There is one place and one place only in the entire nation where a woman can be raped or assaulted. Even gang raped, and the police won’t bother to investigate.

Seattle Washington.

The Seattle Police Department doesn’t have the staff to keep the department going. Think about this for a minute. You come home from work and your wife, mother, or daughter is crying on the couch and tell you how they were raped. You call the police department and are told it won’t be investigated.

Not only that, if you go to an emergency room, the police won’t even bother to process the rape kit.

Think about it.

It is going to get worse.

Seattle has announced another 200 officers have put in their papers and are getting out of that sewer. I can’t blame them, can you?

The socialist city council who voted to defund the place are screaming……good irony there.

I feel sort of sorry for them. Sort of. They knew the stove was hot and touched it anyway. Its hard to feel toooooo sorry for them as they will vote the same people back in. I have no doubt.

Just how bad is it up there? Well, lets wrap this up.

Recently a mad man entered a school down in Texas and murdered 20 little kids. This week in Seattle, a crazy guy jumped a grade school fence and proceeded to terrorize the school. The school staff didn’t co operate with the police. No, make that….wouldn’t.

The sickness is that deep and severe.

I predict a steady rise in our property values.