Rocket stoves

I try not to whip this horse too much, but something is telling me its time to quicken the hoof flops.

We take electricity for granted. With the price doubling and the supply now a coin flip….and getting worse…..its a good idea to know what to do if you have to.

Sure sure….I talk to people. Its always the same thing. ” I got a couple of those there propane BBQ tanks…..nothing to worry about”. Ok, ya….sure.

Then there is the “Well, I will just build campfires. Was in the Boy Scouts you know.” Um hm. Better plan on spending all day gathering wood.

I am going to go into a much simpler and older way to boil water and cook food. And it requires nothing more than a few twigs to fuel it. Seriously, a few twigs.

Rocket Stoves.

Yes, you can buy something nice on Amazon. But you can also build one just as good yourself. With nothing more than a few bricks.

Rocket stoves work on a simple principal. Blast heat where you want it quickly and efficiently.

You can do the simple version indicated in the video above or a more fancy type using simple bricks.

They all do the same thing.

Something I have been working on here is casting from cement.

Quite easy to do. Ruined the first couple, but when the weather gets better I plan on making a nice one!


Lots. In addition to just regular cooking with almost no wood, you can even do water bath canning or…..wait for it…….yes…..pressure cooking canning!

I don’t want to make it sound too easy, but you can put a pressure cooker on it. There are videos out there if you want to learn the little tricks.

What this opens up is total food preservation. Yes, you will have to sit there and feed twigs into the bottom to watch the temperature….but…..its a pretty big thing. Also, if what is coming is what I think is coming, you won’t have much else to to.

Water bathing canning is a simple no brainer. Put away all my berries and tomatoes last year using one. Didn’t have to, just wanted to make sure I could.

At its core, knowing how to build a Rocket Stove and learning how to use it will allow you to thrive in an off grid situation.

Even if you don’t do it, you can at least put a few bricks away and watch a video or two and get it in your head.

It might come in real handy……and you will feel better. Trust me.

(you get no covered wagon homesteader points for buying something from Amazon)