Jay Inslee Montesano Sewage Treatment Plant Protest – After Action

I saw a movie once, or was it a TV show? I don’t remember. I’m getting old.

The jist of the science fiction plot was “observers” would travel through time and just sort of watch as things unfold. I’m starting to feel like one of those stoic observers. A witness to the horrific.

Yes, I had a great deal of fun the last couple of days after finding out the semi-secret information our Dear Leader, Gov Jay Inslee, first of his name – was coming to our little town to visit the now famous Montesano sewage treatment plant.

Jay Inslee and sewage in the same headline? Come on….I was all over this.

I could have gone through the paperwork and gotten the press credential and sat in the little controlled presser like the rest of the harbor media drones, but that wouldn’t have told me anything. I have been doing this long enough to know anyplace that controlled is a propaganda fest and what call themselves reporters today, are anything but.

I took a different tack. I started posting that I was going to protest his visit.

Like clockwork, the usual ISPs started hitting my website from state offices. “How dare someone question the Dear Leader?”. You know the drill.

I started posting silly things, see my Twitter timeline on the subject, and again…..like clockwork, the humorless eunuchs in the usual offices bit them hook, line, and sinker.

Come on, where would I get a giant effigy of Jay Insee made out of used face masks? Where? And no, a Montesano Mime group wasn’t going to display their anger through interpretive dance on the streets of Montesano. And no, the Mayor didn’t ask local residents to remove their couches and furniture from the front lawns for his visit.

But in true Ingsoc fashion, the little minions were concerned. I started to get attention. And to be honest, exactly what I wanted. I was tree shaking. And as usual, when you shake trees things fall out. I knew that would be the story of the event….I just didn’t know what it would be.

When I was a kid I thought the Washington State Patrol was about as close to a super hero organization as you could get. You would look with awe at those guys. I carried that through most of my life. Until about half way through the Inslee dictatorship that is.

The fall of the organization really hit a couple of years ago.

Just to remind you, Inslee fired pregnant officers and a handful of very religious officers that just couldn’t take the phony vaccine. Even those who couldn’t medically take it.

It didn’t matter that the vaccine doesn’t stop transmission, or what it could do to a pregnant woman. What mattered was Inslee said to. The my-body-my-choice Governor.

My heros fell from their pedestal with a thump.

They went from inspirational examples of the best of all of us in the state to being nothing more than Inslee’s little bitches. Don’t like the language huh? Well what do you want to call a group of officers that turn their back on their fellow officers that happen to be pregnant.

And their union? I wonder what it cost to buy them off. I’ve never been in a union, but I always thought it existed to protect its members.

Not anymore kids.

I have had a few opportunities to try and talk to them when I run into one. You should see the look on their face when you ask why they didn’t support their fellow officers. You don’t believe me? Don’t take my word for it.

If you haven’t spoken to one in a number of years, do try. See what happens.

Its not the Washington State Patrol anymore…..it is Inslee’s private para-military organization. Well, what would you expect to happen in a state where the Governor rules by proclamation. Over 800 days now he has clung to emergency state rule. And he refuses to give it up. He likes it.

At the protest, I tried my hardest to engage with the WSP. Even while they were trying to surround me with their cars to keep Inslee from seeing my signs. Lest his eyes be offended.

They weren’t hostile to me, they were disgusted.

You could measure the disgust they felt. Sneering. Frankly, and I will go the grave believing this, the only thing that kept me from a phony arrest was our local police chief was there and made sure I was OK. He knows me. Well actually.

Yes I have pictures and video of everything, part of me wants to post some things, but the part of me that doesn’t like to put up pictures of officers and their vehicles stops me. You never know what nutball out there can use information. I honestly wonder if the most prized Washington State Patrol job is the guy assigned to carry the mirror around for Inslee.

I wasn’t allowed into the plant. No one is allowed in Inslee’s presence. I can state with almost certainty, that there was a WSP officer standing next to him with a flower bouquet under his nose, and another assigned to scrape any shit clinging from his shoe when he left the facility. I have no doubt.

It was a pretty uneventful event. Inslee went in, looked around at the sewage, and left about 20 minutes later. We may not have been allowed to talk to him Montesano…..but trust me…..he got a good wiff of us!

A few local dignitaries, all wearing their Sunday best Carhartts and giddy to bask in his presence. Oh God……I’d rather……fill in the blank.

The other gauge I wanted to check was general public.

You do a lot of this kind of stuff and you can sort of get a good idea of the feeling of the general public. Mainly by the way you are treated by the passing cars.

Remember, Inslee never….ever….is in front of the public. Never where the public can see or shout at him. Ever. Ever. He is above us and answerable only to himself.

The reaction by the several hundred cars and trucks was a solid mass of thumbs up and honking. Not one negative comment or middle finger.

The final bit of information I wanted to gather was from the state and local Republican parties.

In a land where a Democrat Communist King rules by decree, one would think that the Republican organizations would be all over someone asking them for help and support trying to put together a protest of his Highness.

Think away you naive chumps.

I asked both the Wa State Senate and House Republican organizations for help. More than once. Support, anything. Even just an email or thumbs up like button would have been nice. Local? Forget it.


Rep Jim Walsh (R) out of Aberdeen was kind enough to re tweet what I was doing. That was it. Just silence. You might remember Jim. They locked him out of the state Capital and wouldn’t let him represent his district because he wouldn’t play ball with Inslee’s phony mask and vaccine stuff. And of course, his fellow Republicans acted just like the cowards at the Washington State Patrol.

I will remind them at the Republican offices when the fund raising emails come out this summer. I will remind them very well.

Worthless little toads, the whole lot of them. If they would just tell us what it costs to buy their attention, maybe we could crowd fund enough money to buy their attention sometimes. At least be honest about it. What is the going rate for an hour of their time?

I have a lot of friends taking advantage of the property value rise and getting the hell out of here. Sure, Im watching the numbers too. But going back to my opening here, the social scientist in me is having a great time observing the fall of the state.

I take no pleasure in it, but at the same time being able to observe the Petri dish is hard to give up. I do like these little experiments.

If one old man with a sign can scare them this bad……what could thousands do under the leadership of an actual working Republican State Party? Just imagine.

An entire state society blindly goose stepping into a dictatorship.