The Life changing Presto Stuffed Waffle maker

I wanted to post this a couple of days ago but got busy protesting Dimslee Inslee, See earlier posting…….

There are few things in life that you run into that truly have the opportunity to change lives through history. Duct tape, the stirrup, and now….the PRESTO STUFFED BELGIAN WAFFLE MAKER!

Presto Image

Yes, an actual work around for letting you have donuts for breakfast without the guilt.

The questions were…..were they any good? Did the machine work? How hard is it to do? YES…YES….AND AGAIN YES! IT WORKS!!!!!

My first stuffed waffle
Berry filled goodness

For about 50$ you can pretty much stuff these things with anything. Peanut butter, cherry pie filling, blueberry cheese cake…..peaches and clam sauce……..eggs and bacon….name it.

You basically put in 1/4 cup of batter in, put in your stuffing, put some batter over it and close the lid.

Seven minutes later you open it up and it is perfectly formed. Crispy on the outsides, perfectly sealed on the sides, and fluffy cooked on the inside. I had to let it cool a bit. You know how when the wife if making waffles you have to wait for the stack and sometimes they get sort of cold and you have to heat up the maple syrup to put heat on it….no more. They are sealed on the inside through the magic of the machine and when you cut it open the warm goodness covers you and the waiting waffle.

I did my initial experiment with blackberries and strawberries. Oh God was it good. I mean real real good.

I even hooked up a wattage meter to it. It only took about 70 watts to make a batch. That means, if the power is out… can run the machine off of your car battery……like forever! Bring on the apocalypse. Go ahead.

We just have to keep Bill Gates away from this thing before he comes up with a stuffed cricket recipe.

You could put in a snickers bar and top it with ice cream and the wife won’t say anything….“but honey, its just a waffle”. This is the work around we have been waiting for ….trust me guys.

There isn’t even any clean up of the machine and the dog will lick the batter bowl clean. It really couldn’t be any more simple.

I used the Hungry Jack pancake mix. You just have to add a couple of things to turn it into waffle mix. If this was that good….imagine following the machine recipe for home made batter. I know….right!

It was as good as a waffle at Waffle House at 2 in the morning after the bars close. That good.

Go to Amazon……get one.