I would much prefer to be discussing easement of supply side restrictions in light of today’s announcement of a whopping 9.1% inflation rate. But no. PFFFFFFt

Ok, look. I know the price of an egg is shooting to over a dollar apiece. I realize many of you here in Montesano went down to the feed store and bought baby chicks this year. Twice, as most of you killed off the first batch because you didn’t know what you were doing.

By now, your second batch, or those hens that survived that is, are approaching egg laying. Probably sometime in October you will begin to hear the “egg song”. Relax, you have almost made it.

You have also realized about now, that some of those “hens” you bought are a little bigger than the rest. Ya, you got a rooster here and there and you are going to have to deal with it. They can either be a good rooster, or a nasty little thing. Its a coin flip.

Most people panic, and I am presenting the following video as an example of what not to do.

What not to do

The correct way to deal with an aggressive rooster is to dominate it. When it come up to attack, grab it and hold it down until it gives up the fight. It will walk off knowing you are the boss. You are in barnyard dynamics now. No amount of bribing or reasoning is going to work. You can’t reason with them. It is brut force. The only thing a Rooster understands.

Enjoy your eggs and the evenings watching the chickens. Oh, do not, ever ever….let them know where the bread drawer is in your kitchen.