Cannibal Nation

If you live long enough….you will pretty much see everything. I really mean that.

You think you will never see the time where what you used to call doctors would deliver a healthy baby, then kill it on the delivery table for no other reason than the man who just had it, changed it’s they/their mind about having a baby. Just kill it. And then the “Doctors” and clinics sell the parts of the baby, kicking back some of the proceeds to state and federal politicians in the form of campaign donations.

You don’t even have to be a woman to have the baby. There is no such thing as women anymore.

Stay away from “Doctors”

You never think you would live to see the day that parents would line up in the morning to deliver those lucky enough to escape the knife of the government “Doctor”, only to be delivered into the hands of people calling themselves “teachers”. Who then work to chemically castrate and mutilate them without informing the parents. Protected by government officials they pay off with again, campaign donations. The school day divided into sections to instruct them on courses dealing with self-hate, and various anti-American subjects.

You wouldn’t think it would happen but it does. Daily, and in pretty much every corner of every public school.

Children who resist, mostly all boys, are deemed “uncontrollable”, and parents pressured to put them on drugs. The line in front of the school nurse’s office stretching ever longer…..ever longer….. as they stick out their tongue twice a day. “That’s a good boy…….back to class”. The feeder system for future school shooters.

With just the above as a quick example, it must be taken seriously the recent push to normalize the practice of cannibalism, that is being pushed currently.

The New York Times, as always, is leading the way and is quickly being followed up by smaller publications and academic think tanks. After all, isn’t human meat….just another kind of meat?

Cannibalism is nothing new to the world. The British famously hit the subject head on and allowed the practice on lifeboats drifting at sea. No judgement.

Most famously here in our neck of the woods was the practice in central Mexico in both the Mexica, or Aztec Empire as it was coined in the 1800’s, as well as the Mayan. They don’t teach it in government schools or how wide the practice was as it makes some of the kids feel bad about their heritage. You might want to read Bernal Diaz’s book The True History of the Conquest of New Spain of the first hand accounts if you want to learn how bad and widespread it was. Currently they are finding literally mountains of human bones down there with teeth marks on them.

Its happened before in societies, and it looks like its starting to ramp up again.

Hunger is a very predictable thing. You can currently look to all sorts of places around the world silly enough to tell their farmers to cut back. The people are soon starving. I notice little Justin up in Canada is now going to try it. Our own Dimslee Inslee will be following along shortly. Count on it.

Its going to get bad.

We aren’t going to be able to raise enough crickets to feed everybody, everyone knows it, and I would imagine this is the reason the New York Times is beginning the push to normalize the practice of eating your fellow man. Best to start the conversations now and get everyone ready, on board, and used to the idea.


I am sure what is coming will not be a repeat of the Donner Party example. People quietly slipping out of their homes to cut off a piece of leg from the local municipal butcher tent. A more realistic example will be the delivery trucks of protein bars suggested in the movie Soylent Green. People clamoring with outreached bowls at the back of the government truck. At least one hopes it is that organized.

Once the cannibalism starts, it is sort of hard to control.

Now I know what you are thinking about now. Just go out and get someone to eat. Sure, it will be easy enough to do, but who?

Now let’s not get all judgy about who is eating who here. If everyone is doing it, you will be too. If we as a society can make the change from protecting little babies and celebrating motherhood to killing them and erasing the entire concept of being a mother……eating the guy down the street is a nothing burger.


Old people have bad meat

Now this is important. What you want to do is stay away from people like me. No matter how hungry you are. Us old people aren’t a good meat source. Just look at the little shelf over our kitchen sinks. Nothing but pills, lotions, poultices….all sorts of things that make us taste bad. Stringy meat full of chemicals. Yuck. You don’t want that! Frankly, you don’t know what all those chemicals will do to you. It could be dangerous. Better be safe.

What you want is nice healthy chemical free and tasty young people!

Next week, we here at Montesano Today will be talking about how to build a home Smoker for preserving meat and home canning tips.