America before August 8th…and America after August 8th

There are few absolutes in this world.

One thing we know for certain this morning is that any FBI agent that hasn’t resigned in disgust today….is a card carrying member of the new police state.

They aren’t even pretending anymore. It isn’t just a few at the top like Comey or McCabe, it is the entire organization still standing after today. Those who remain are one of them.

Every Judge, Prosecutor, Defense Attorney, Court Reporter, and especially – every man and woman who sits on a jury anywhere will now view any FBI agent as a political operative.

Every single one of them.

Any evidence they provide, any case they bring….any witness they present is tainted and one can assume with crystal certainty that there is a political motive behind any action they take. At any level.

Not a single American anywhere in this country that sits on a jury will ever forget August 8th. It will be in the front of their thoughts as they listen to any Agent testifying. It will be in their thoughts as they view any evidence that the FBI presents or has touched. Most importantly, it will be front and center in every single jury deliberation room in this country. The FBI as a law enforcement investigation agency no longer exists. The FBI as a political enforcement organization has replaced it.

The Democratic Party now uses the organization, as East Germany used the Stasi. They are a hit team, nothing more. At least the Stasi didn’t pretend.

A sitting President and his circle just used a government law enforcement agency to go after not only an ex-president…..but his probable challenger. The same agency being used to protect himself and his family from investigation.

After yesterday, anyone who would normally call the FBI to report a tip, has to consider if that tip would be viewed as counter to their political stance. Anyone not providing a proper tip, might find themselves under attack from them. After yesterday, any American receiving a knock on the door from an FBI agent looking for help in an investigation, has to consider if their words will be used against them politically. Any help from the general public just went out the window and over the fence.

Its entirely too dangerous to talk to them…..about anything. You may unknowingly be going against their political purpose in whatever they are investigating.

Every single citizen in this country now knows this….even if they don’t say it. There will be a lot of doors slowly closed with the words “I didn’t see anything”.

There will phone calls not made to report suspicious activity, there will be letters that are not written and sent.

The FBI as we knew it, has ceased to exist and America is a much more dangerous place. Very much more dangerous.

There was America before August 8th 2022 – and now America after August 8th 2022. You younger people will well remember this date.