A Field Guide to Living in a Police State

First, don’t panic.

Throughout recent history we have many examples to draw upon for guidance.

Most recently, we have seen it develop close to home in Canada. Sure, the Canadian people have less freedom. However, the ruling party in Ottawa has never been stronger.

We here in the United States can take comfort in knowing there will soon be a way to report your pesky flag flying neighbor. If history is any example…there will most likely be a reward! At first anyway.

The FBI in combination with the newly empowered IRS is a one two punch of compliance. Ensuring a uni-party control. Dissent will not be tolerated. Agents of both agencies carefully chosen with an allegiance to the state.

Americans have been clinging to ancient documents for so long, it may be difficult for some to acclimate to the new America.

This guide is for you.


Shortly, when the food supply is dwindling, it will become necessary for local neighborhood overseers to establish what you have. This will include any gardening plots, fruit trees, or livestock. The process will be much smoother if you have an accurate list pre prepared. At that point you will be instructed on how much of what you produce you may keep and consume.

It may be to your benefit to begin to cut back now. It will make it easier in the near future.

PRO TIP: When the city proctors come to inspect and appropriate your food stores for the public good, they will not take home canned goods. It is well known that some of the flag wavers deliberately keep some jars that have turned bad. Learn to can now.


Take stock of your square footage in your home. Empty out rooms used for crafting, as the quartering of your fellow un sheltered citizens will become a priority. If you have been thinking of putting in a second bathroom….now would be a great time to finally get that project done!

Stock up on extra bathroom supplies, towels etc.

You have an obligation

Heating and cooling is going to become an issue. There just isn’t anyway around it. While some may be thinking of adding a woodstove for those cold winter nights, remember, wood produces carbon. Both wood use for heating and the stoves will become illegal.

Purchase blankets and warm socks now while you can.

PRO TIP: A small tent in the living room is a great way to help keep warmer. Remember to get one big enough to hold you ….and the guests assigned to live in your home.


Yes, it will be easier to just blend in and let your personal hygiene slip. However, one must remember that your health is a burden on the state should you require scant resources reserved for state security personal and their families. You don’t want to get on a list.

Certainly you may be concerned that there won’t be the electricity to properly walk and dry clothes. Take solace that many around the world function just fine.

Washboards and tubs are very affordable. Although it requires a bit of work to learn how to use them properly, time spent now will endure you aren’t having to elbow you way in down at the stream to beat your dirty clothes on the rocks.

Take note if you do become sickly to remain indoors. Your condition will be noted if seen in public.

PRO TIP: To keep your assigned house guests from reporting you, try offering some of your food rations. You could stand to lose a bit of weight anyway.


Cash can not be tracked. Therefore, prepare now for all transactions to be conducted via electronic credits. Barter will be the underground economy. Be careful though, items such as home grown food will be considered property of the state!

Still, trading things such as a day’s labor, or prostitution have always found their value in a Police State economy. Start preparing now your special skill and thrive in the new system!

PRO TIP: Children are an excellence source of revenue. Start thinking and training now for labor projects and extra supplies.


In the new social state system you must remember that the “old ways” of individual choice will not be tolerated. Institutions such as Religion, Lodges, etc., may have filled a need in the old America. It would be best to begin to extricate yourself now from any problematic institution, and avoid any future re education.

Begin to prepare by purchasing a large journal now and begin taking notes on your neighbor and their activities. As you begin to become comfortable, expand to co workers. Soon, you will be jotting down coming and goings and behavior like it is second nature.

Be aware, your neighbor will be recording your movements, you don’t want to be caught empty handed during any inquiry! Remember more notes is better.

PRO TIP: Take a walk around your house and property. Collect any items such as patriotic t-shirts, wall decor, or outside ornaments that could be construed as anti-state by your neighbors or visitors.


You are most likely going to be a little concerned about your past purchase history. Yes, the recent push by the Biden administration to require holster manufactures and sellers to report to the government who purchased one can be frightening. However, it is also an opportunity.

Take advantage of this transition period to cleanse your home of anti-state propaganda now. Hold a public neighborhood burning. Demonstrate your compliance. Remember, a little work now, might save you some explaining later.

PRO TIP being pro-active now by turning in your weapons to your local police will earn you social credits later. Social credits are food!

Living in the new police state certainly is going to be a challenge for the older Americans. Born and raised in freedom where the state served the people……it might be difficult for some of them. Take solace that your children will come to learn to love the state. Support the public school system and the tireless work they do. In a generation, perhaps less….they will lead us toward a more just, stable, and fair America.

Forward Americans…..the bright Neo-America awaits.