Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit ADA filed against City of Montesano Wa

MONTESANO WA via Montesano Today montesanotoday.com Feb 19th 2021 12:50 pm

National media inquiry – see contact page.


Frankly this isn’t that much of a surprise to me. I know Marisa well and have been watching what was going on for close to ten years now. She is deaf, and was – what many feel – run out of the city council. I’m going to avoid comment….for now…..and let this settle in for a bit. I’m resisting the urge for the moment to dig out old Vidette articles I have saved on the matter. The city was just served and a little birdie told me they were frantic trying to get their Facebook to do translations for the deaf this morning. Talk about closing the barn door after the fire……oh well. I never get tired of saying this. I told you. And….and….what kind of City operates their government on Facebook in the first place?

Link for full civil rights complaint. I am not posting the full complaint here at the present. However, if what poses around here as official media want to go look they can. I assume they have an account for the public records request and the guts to print it. https://dockets.justia.com/docket/washington/wawdce/3:2021cv05113/296008

Hold onto your wallets my fellow Montesonians…… not only are the Seattle Civil Rights attorneys putting on their mud boots and heading to M town but they brought the heavy hitting New York Civil Rights attorneys with them. I’m sure those city folks are ordering from LL Bean and Carhartt as we speak!…… as the master of war himself once wrote…..”never fight a battle that you have not already won”. Well, the battle has started, and I suspect it has already been won.

My prediction, and they are always right…..the city will beat their chest and huff and puff for a bit to try and save face. A couple of days of finger pointing…..then the city insurance company will quietly make a phone call to settle the children down and this will be settled quickly in a back room of Marisa’s lawyers choosing. The insurance company will not likely want a chance at a jury award. No no no no. Me, I want a trial! I have been practicing my charcoal drawing and looking forward to my court room illustrations. I’m sure you are too.

I had someone tell me this morning that this was “explosive”. No, it’s more of a smoldering dump fire and smells just as bad.

Let the Montesano drama continue.

(Disclosure: Marisa was my Editor at the Vidette for a period of time and I maintain a friendship with her. I have not requested a formal interview with her on this matter. If I decide to go that route I will formally write her attorney(s). I saw this filing over a week ago and wanted to wait to see if media here would even mention it. They haven’t. I know why, but will let you ponder it for a bit.)

NOTE: I will be doing an editorial tomorrow concerning the state of the media in this county.