The horror of electric vehicles

I admit it, I am absolutely cracking up at people with their virtue signal EVs. Not the least of it is the 65k average price of those things. Don’t get me wrong, in 20 years or so they will be real nice. Now, its a clown show.

Oh, the virtue signaling going on. “look at me!” ya…..were looking all right.

Someone please tell them that they are mostly run on coal and natural gas….no, don’t, its too fun.

Had a chance to hang around two separate places that people charge them. I learned a lot. First, forget what the manufactures tell you. A 300 miles range? Well, sort of. On a nice day at 72 degrees with a full charge on a straight road at a constant speed….maybe. However, is it cold outside? knock say 40 miles off that. Going up any hills, better shave off another 20 or so. Plan on using the heater? Oh boy, knock another say 40 miles off. Wipers, a radio, all the little do dads…..lets be generous, another 10.

What is that leaving us? About 190 miles if my math is right?

You could make it to Seattle. If ……if you could find a place to charge it at some dealership, and if that place has a fast charger….oh yes, most of them are slow chargers… have an hour wait to charge to 80%. The last 20% might take a couple more hours as the top end of the charging is a real pain. 80% won’t make it back to Montesano. You will have to go through it again in Olympia.

While I was at the place a tow truck came in with one. You guessed it, out of juice. The guy told me it is good business hauling those things into the charging stations.

Its really quite comical.

If you are bopping from town to Olympia once in a while, or weekly into Aberdeen they sound great. God help you if you ever had to actually go on the road with one of these things.

What is on the market is a rushed product. Until they can go 500 miles, or a days full drive…..and be reliable charged anywhere and under 15 minutes, they are just toys. Very very expensive toys.

Perhaps the cherry on top is the cost of replacing the car battery. I have been seeing horror stories about costing as much as 15-20,000$. And that is if, in a few years…….they are even still being made for the vehicle you got. And of course if China is still willing to export or able to mine the lithium needed to make the battery.

So as gas, for those of you who buy it on a regular basis, starts to hit 10$ a gallon and Jay Inslee tells you to go get an electric vehicle, you can start to think about this stuff.