Fentanyl Nation

Every hour of every day Fentanyl is pouring into this country via our southern border. It is so addictive and dangerous a small amount in a backpack is enough to kill the entire population of the country.

It is made into pills and processed for smoking and distributed to every corner of this nation. Millions and millions and millions of doses. Every hour of every day.

There is so much coming in that the price is almost nothing. A day’s supply about the cost of a pack of cigarettes. And going lower. Every day.

There is so much Fentanyl that it is getting harder and harder to make a living from selling it. In a week it will be cheaper yet. Millions and millions of more doses will be smuggled across the boarder by then.

The more of something there is, the less it costs. Its simple economics.

Now, to be clear, I could care less about adults stupid enough to use this poison, they know what they are getting into. About 100,000 a year of them are dying from overdoses now. It will be more next year. A pin head of it will kill you, and the distributors will be making their pills stronger to stand out to get the sales.

The drug is so cheap and powerful that junkies everywhere are flocking to it. It is creeping steadily into smaller and smaller towns and communities.

Here in Washington State, the little middle schoolers and high school kids have had a steady dose of giant billboards promoting drug use. They are well conditioned to think of using drugs as normal. But that is the point of the advertising. You condition the next generation.

The state gets its cut, and parents just look the other way.

Oh, what is coming for them.

Fentanyl use presents a problem for the Biden administration and governors like our own Jay Inslee.

They know the border is wide open and the drug is pouring in, but what to do. If they tighten the border and cut off the drug supply……well…….oh no! Can’t do that.

What to do?

Well, here is what they have all decided. Normalize the use of Fentanyl.

Feel good you are addicted Public Health Department campaign

No, I’m not crazy.

Public Health Departments? Ok, ya…..right. you mean the people that get their funding and grants from the politicians that are allowing this to happen? Keep dreaming buttercup. Public Health Departments are the PR firms for the new Doing Fentanyl Campaigns popping up both federal and state, and soon down to the county level. Don’t forget, up in Seattle the police are handing out crack pipes.

Its good to be a junkie in Washington State.

For example, public health departments are now starting a campaign to make drug users feel good about themselves. Hooked on Fentanyl? No problem. Remember the Federal Government just sent out those “safe smoking kits”, and yes they do contain little crack pipes.

Since they are unwilling to stop the supply of the drug, it has been decided to go with the flow.

Sure your kid will be exposed, and more than a few hooked and spitting foam in a hospital emergency room, but they are just collateral damage.

The future of Fentanyl isn’t with the bums and druggies on the street corners, it is with the prospective customers in your high schools and middle schools.

After what the local public schools and governors have done to them the last few years, I would imagine Fentanyl a growth industry. With one out of five teenagers now contemplating suicide, the Opiod high of Fentanyl might sound pretty good to a fifth of the population of the young folk. Suicide has now risen to be the second leading cause of death from those 10-18. A depressed group of kids, all looking for escape. Sound like a good group of potential customers to you?

The CDC is sounding the alarm. Note the rise in overdose deaths in the article above. Those numbers stop in 2020. 2021 saw the numbers double. 2022 will see the numbers double again. And it will continue. Worse every year. Year after year. Sooner or later, someone will offer a laced cigarette to your kid. Then you can flip a coin. Remember, we are only talking about overdose deaths. A worse hell awaits those who are addicted. And they numbers are in the millions.

The drug is so easy to make that the country is flooded. Biden has created an open border and the pipeline from China through Mexico is wide open. Every year it is cheaper and cheaper, meaning more and more has to be sold just to make money.

That means new customers.

The police know where most of it is here in the local community. They could end it in a week or so. That, however, would require your elected officials telling them to do it. And of course, that would require you to force your elected officials to make them. We all know you won’t, so the realist in me offers the following advise.

Get your kids out of public schools now. Quit acting like a child start acting like an adult.

Tick tock.